CONSIDERING WHAT YOU REALLY NEED. Experimenting new things and going bold has always been one of my main statements when it come to personal style. I never have been so much into collecting good basics in the past. I was more about purchasing my new favorite trends the faster as possible. Ok guys, I am not going to lie here, I still furiously look for what's happening in terms of fashion and trends but as I said in my last article, I am now also looking for valuable pieces that can stand out time and still be super relevant.



 LOOKING FOR RAD ITEMS. I think my style and my priorities in therms of fashion changed in a  more conscious way lately. I am a lot more into looking for basic but styled stuff that could fit every outfit but still ad an edge to it. This Beango clutch bag that I found on the brand new concept store Les Toiles, is the perfect edgy basic. It is practical and enough versatile to be your everyday companion but at the same time, it is essentially original and appealing enough  to totally boost and enhance an outfit that could have been boring as dead whiteout it!
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