OPPOSITES. One of my favorites things when it comes to styling is the challenge of mixing opposites concepts. Here I love the association of a very girly silhouette with a grungy shirt and chunky chains that would certainly make Mister T jealous! Rebellious but super soft, edgy but still modest. What do you think about it guys? 



MFW. Passing by Milan during fashion week almost turned into a tradition for me. This city fascinates me so much that I actually can't imagine not visiting it at least four times a year. What we have to know about Milan is that it is as sophisticated than Paris but having a little Italian second degree twist which reminds me a little bit London.  So how to resist?! 
I had the chance to meet Giacomo Rebecchi from THE2WAYSTREET who gently shot my look with the same talent and sense of beauty he use to show on his tumblr. 

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